In the early stages of structuring a website one of the biggest mistakes web designers make is not planning out the linking structure of the site. The best way to organize what pages you will have on the website is planning the site structure before creating content.

Why Site Structure is Important

Site structure is important for three reasons:

  1. Indexing
  2. Usability
  3. Link Juice


When Google and other search engines send bots to crawl your website it is important that the structure of the site is logical so that the bots can reach every page from the homepage.

The pages that a search engine’s bots can’t find will most likely not be indexed. While there are other ways to ensure those pages get indexed (such as submitting a sitemap) it is always better for a search engine to find the each page naturally.

Good Site Structure

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Usability is another extremely important factor to consider when developing site structure. Your website should be easy for visitors to navigate from page to page in a logical and natural way. If a user has a hard time finding the information they are looking for you will see an increase in your bounce rate and a decrease in the average amount of time visitors spend on site.

When adding new pages to an existing site it is extremely important to choose the right parent page. There should always be a link on every parent page to any child pages to make navigation easy for webpage visitors.

Link Juice

Getting quality backlinks from other relevant sites is crucial to any good SEO plan. If you get a good backlink to your homepage the “link juice” you recieve from it will only be passed on to pages that are linked to from your homepage.

If a page on your site is not somehow connected by a link to the homepage, that page will miss out on getting a potential boost in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Planning Your Site Structure

When planning your site structure the first step is to create a list of every page you want to have initially on the website.

Here are a few standard pages most websites will have on the main navigation bar:

  • Home/Index
  • About Us
  • Product/Service
  • Blog/News
  • Contact Us

Once you have determined the initial pages you wish to have on your website structure them accordingly. For example at Sunterra Marketing our service page would be Internet Marketing Services. Internet Marketing Services would be a parent page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and more.

The child pages for About Us could include “meet the team”, “Our Philosophy”, etc.

This extra planning can make a world of difference in terms of usability for your visitors and your rankings on SERPs pages.

Learn More About Site Structure

If you have any questions or are looking to learn more about how to properly set up your websites site structure contact us today. The consultants at Sunterra Marketing will be happy to provide a free SEO audit of your website to show you how we can help improve your current rankings. If you are just getting started with a new website let us help you set it up correctly from the start. It’s always easier to set a website up correctly than to have to fix a site set up incorrectly.